A photo agency
what is a photo agency?
A photo agency is a structure that gathers, edits, catalogues and licenses images. Photographers are given the opportunity to give broad distribution to their images with no concern for the business side of things.
Clients enjoy this service: agencies select photographers, their personnel is aware of the problems and procedures of magazines and ad agencies simplifying the steps needed to license a picture.
If your business is of another nature, don't worry. All businesses at some time or other need pictures to illustrate their product, to make a panel for some trade fair or simply to illustrate a concept regarding their business. Every day, large and small agencies call Milestone Media to support their products.

why an agency and not a photographer?
Many wonder why one should call an agency rather than contact a photographer, leaving out the middle man. The answer lies in timing and costs: an agency offers the client the image he needs within 24 hours, he can have it in digital format, thus saving on prepress costs and most of all at a much lower cost.

why does it cost less?
Let's suppose you need the picture of a beautiful girl (or boy) on a tropical beach to illustrate the promotional holiday that the sales people of your company will win when reaching the annual sales objective.
You should then contact a photographer, a model agency, a make-up artist, send them all to the Mauritius Islands which, no matter how unique and exclusive to you it might be, it will still cost you a fortune. That same image can be licensed from us at approximately € 150,00: good saving, right?
Photo agencies can reduce costs because one picture can be licensed various times, in various parts of the world: it can be used to illustrate a promotional holiday, meanwhile a tour operator can use it in Japan for a travel catalogue and a producer of cosmetics in France can use it to publicize a tanning lotion. Photographers earn more too, because they manage to get from multiple licensing more than what they would dare ask any individual client.

licenses and prices
how can I determine the price of a picture?
The cost of licensing a rights-managed image is determined by the combination of various factors. The main ones are: kind of usage, trade, exclusivity of the image, geographical distribution, period of licensing, print run, subject of the image.

kind of usage
The kind of usage generally indicates the type of advertising in which the image is being used. Usage examples are press campaign, poster, flier, packaging, window poster, catalogue; in addition to this, there are commercial uses such as calendars, postcards, posters. In other words, a clear idea of the uses of an image enables our commercial staff to quote a price precisely.

The territory refers to the area in which the advertisement appears. This factor strongly influences the price: usage within a specific province costs much less than a national one, a continental one or a world one.

period of licensing
The period of licensing indicates the time during which the image is used. Please note that the period of licensing refers exclusively to the type of usage indicated in the contract.
For example if you license an image for a six months period, this doesn't mean that during that time the image can be used for purposes other than the ones that have been agreed upon.

print run
The print run is another important factor. For all kinds of uses, Milestone Media quotes different rates depending whether it is an average print run or a small print run. The latter is determined by technical parameters such as start up, quality of paper, printing etc.
Limited print runs will be given for special rates.

subject of the image
As a general rule, the price of an image doesn't vary according to the subject. It is also true that images that are particularly complex to shoot, will be given a different value compared to ordinary ones.

The trade indicates the commercial area in which the end user that planned the advertisement operates. A hardware producer will be considered in the computer industry, whereas a hypermarket will be in the large distribution trade and so on.
Determining the trade is a key factor to avoid competitors using the same image at the same time

industry exclusive
When licensing an image, Milestone Media doesn't grant any exclusivity unless upon specific request, neither within a specific industry, nor for national or international uses. Upon request, we can limit the usage of an image within a specific industry. For example, a company requires an image for the pharmaceutical trade to create a window poster for a six months period exclusively within the industry. In this case the same image will not be licensed again during the same time period to companies that operate within the same industry. Licensing that image within other trades will be allowed. There is also a possibility of licensing an image with an all round exclusive. Exclusivity will influence the licensing costs significantly (see examples below).

unauthorized uses
Unfortunately in some instances, people have used our images without permission, and in most cases they have been caught. According to the contract such infringements are charged three times the standard price, but in some cases clients have been asked to pay also the damages that these unauthorized usages have caused to those clients that had regularly licensed the image. As a rule, Milestone Media takes legal action against all unauthorized uses, whatever the infringement, in order to protect its clients and suppliers.

a few examples
Cover of a brochure with industry exclusive for a licensing period of 12 months, national distribution, price € 360,00.
Inside of a brochure, no exclusive, for a 12 months period, national distribution, price € 180,00.
Inside of a flier, with trade exclusivity for 15 to 30 day period, national distribution, price € 420,00.
Press campaign in local newspapers, single appearance, trade exclusive price € 260,00.